Royal Academy


Royal Academy of Arts, London

Summer Exhibition 1904-1935

     A Violin Solo*

(7) Homeward

     His First Voyage*

(14) Shoving Off

(18) Sea- birds ( Gulls in Newlyn Harbour)

(19) Cut-throat Euchre

       Crumplehorn Mill, Polperro*

(22) After the Storm

(26) Old Age Pensioners*

(27) Jenifer

       "Calm on the seas and silver sleep"*

        A Cottage Interior*

(28) Mother and Child

(29) The Morning Room

(31) Stories of the Gun

(32) Amateur Gardeners

       The Fish Quay*

(34) Last Day of the Holidays

(43) Madonna Lilies

(48) The Daisy Chain

(49) The Little Maid

(50) Girl Cleaning the Kettle

(55) The Butterfly

(62) Nancy

(66) Carn Barges by Moonlight

(89) The Road to the Farm

(90) Saturday Morning in Harbour (Mousehole)