Newlyn Art Gallery


Newlyn Art Gallery

Annual Exhibition 1902-1935

      In Harbour*

      The Cove*

      The Forge*

      The Homestead at Twilight*


      Paul Churchtown*

      The Sail Loft*

(11) The Story of Suzette

       At the Window*

(12) Coif de Dimanche

(15) Newlyn Fishing Boats

(33) The Lily Border

       The Trapper*

       Feeding Pigs*

       Washing Day*

(34) Last Day of the Holidays

(40) The Store Pot

(41) Hollhocks

(42) Tiger Lilies

(43) Madonna Lilies

(44) Madonna Lilies (Eventide)

(46) The Fairy Story

(49) The Little Maid

(50) Girl Cleaning the Kettle         

(52) The Rehearsal

(56) The Green Dress

(55) The Butterfly

(58) Gabriel

(59) Gabriel with Parrot

(60) The Tracing



(63) The Problem

(66) "There is Music in the Night"

        The Approach of the Night: the Wolf Lighthouse*

(67) Summer Morning at Carn Barges

(69) Boleigh Farm

(75) Sunset at Gwavas Pool

(77) The Hillside

(87) White Ducks at Lamorna

(89) Road to the farm

(90) Saturday Morning in Harbour

        Fir Trees*

        Etching of Sancreed Church*

        Fishing for Grey Mullet from the Rocks*

        Along the Cornish Coast*

         The Cretonne Chair*

         Fishing Harbour at Low Tide*

         The Model*

         Butterflies in Buddleia*

         Two Flower Studies*

         Girl Knitting*

         The Letter*

(91) Fishing Boats in Mousehole Harbour (2)

(92Fishing Boats in Mousehole Harbour (3)

(105) Maidenhood


1985 Painting in Newlyn 1900-1930

(49) The Little Maid


1995 100 Years of the Newlyn Art Gallery

(49) The Little Maid